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Puppet Anarchy… the Blog! turned 5 today! View high resolution

Puppet Anarchy… the Blog! turned 5 today!

Chapman Intro Video - "Where's Alex?" from Alex Griffin on Vimeo.

My intro video for the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. Enjoy. 


Adding new members!!!

Hey Everyone,

I know we started this last year with the group we had from the 2009 Puppet Anarchy group. Now that we have had another year of awesome Anarchy I thought it would only be fitting to extend this blog to all the folks from this years Puppet Anarchy.

So, hello to all the new members that will be joining us. Feel free to post anything interesting in the puppet world. This blog really is just another way for us to keep in contact.

Feel free to post or not post at your will.

Jon Little

This is Puppet Anarchy’s 2010 video! 

Video Puppet Anarchy 2010! View high resolution

Video Puppet Anarchy 2010!

i discovered a new favorite writer (one who is apparently very famous but new to my world.. Bohumil Hrabal, from Czech republic)

his work is highly visual and has an underlying feeling of absurdism, and to me it just begs to be put into puppet format; and so lo and behold i discovered the above film trailer, based on one of his short novels.. film is yet to be completed it seems.

Ok, Puppet Pals….

Who’s off to Puppet Camp?

See you there. :)

I hate chores!

So, I decided to push out of my comfort zone a little bit and created this table top piece. It was fun to adapt my ideas to a table top piece. This is still very new for me. It was a great excercise working as a team though.

I would love to know what all of you think of the piece.

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